Arduino IDE in Windows

Installing Arduino on Windows is really simple. You just have to follow the following steps:

  • Download the latest version of the official download page (link).

  • Unzip the file, double click on install.

  • Click on next until the installation is complete.


This program will be downloaded from the Internet from the official website then perform the following steps:

  • Once on the page, we will go to software or download as illustrated in the following image:

  • A new window will appear in which using the scroll we will scroll down and select the type of IDE to use whether we have Windows, Linux or MAC OS.

  • Immediately the screen will appear to download the file, it will have the name of Arduino-… and we will click on save file.


To install the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), you must run the previously downloaded file that it is our Downloads folder and execute the Arduino-**.exe file, a window will appear which tell us the terms and conditions of the program, we will click on I Agree and then another window will appear and we will click Next.

A new window will appear showing the place where the IDE will be installed, we will not modify anything and leave it as is, click on Install and start the installation, wait a few minutes for the installation to finish, we will see the window of the controllers, we will give in Next and to what he asks us to install and finally when it id finished installing we press Close and we will have our IDE installed.