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The potentiometers have three terminals and are usually used in circuits of low current, for circuits of greater current the rheostats are used. In many electrical devices the potentiometers are what set the output level.

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LDR - Important Concepts

The LDR for its acronym in English (Light Dependent Resistor) or photoresistor is a resistance which varies its value depending on the amount of light that hits the surface. The greater the intensity of light that hits the surface of the LDR or photoresistor, the lower its resistance and the lower the light that hits on it, the greater its resistance.

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It is a PN junction semiconductor, it has sensitivity to the presence of visible and infrared light. It could be considered that a photodiode is the combination of a common diode and a photoresistor or LDR and in the same way that the common diode has its polarization.

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Types of resistors

There are many different types of resistors available, from surface mount chip resistors to large-sized resistors. Resistors that obey the law of ohm are called linear resistors, that is, the value of the resistor does not change with the variable current flowing through it.

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