In the selection of an motor for our project, the designer must consider many factors and specifications, including speed range, torque-speed variations, reversibility, operating duty cycle, starting torque and also the weight and size of the engine must be considered.


But then, how can I select the right motor for my project? We will provide you with a series of questions to which you must respond to identify if the motor is suitable.

  1. Does the motor have a good start and acceleration fast enough?
  2. What is the maximum speed that the motor can produce?
  3. What is the work cycle?
  4. How much power will the charge require?
  5. What characteristics does our power source have for the motor?
  6. What is the charge inertia?
  7. Will the charge be driven at a constant speed?
  8. Is precise position or speed control required?
  9. Is a transmission or gear required?
  10. Will the torque-speed curve match the charge it will have?
  11. What will be the operating speed required?
  12. Is it necessary to invert the motor?
  13. Are there size and weight restrictions?

It is very important to know the characteristics of the charge, the charges that can be support the engines working are divided into three general categories:

  1. Constant torque
  2. Torque with abrupt change
  3. Pair that changes over time

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