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In this section you will find upcoming events, such as competitions, symposiums, congresses and others. Among the most popular events that we will be reporting are robot competitions, as well as we will show comparisons between events so that it can identify in which competition of sumo robot, sprinter robot or other category it suits to enter or participate.

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Day by day, technology is changing, which is why we focus on informing about new technologies, innovative projects and curious data that could be of interest to the public, as well as supporting in publicizing the latest innovations so that in this way people are aware and can get ideas for their projects. We mainly look for projects related to mechatronics, which encompass and employ different areas of study.

The following list shows the news considered most popular by the large number of visits by the public. Click on the name of the news so you can be better informed and eliminate that curiosity to know what the little refers to.

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There is too much information on the internet about different topics focused on engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, biomedical engineering, systems engineering, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, electronic engineering and many other careers that cover important areas such as physics and mathematics. In the career of mechatronic engineering it is possible to see a little of different engineering, that is why we publish tutorials for the public in which we try to explain the theoretical part of a topic with practice, since the purpose is that we all have a learning either with theory or practice. As mechatronic engineers we know that it is a multidisciplinary career and we must continue to grow and update our knowledge, adapt to new ways of working, that is why in the tutorials we try to cover the different forms of learning so that both students and professionals can continue to grow and so get a better education.

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Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary career, which is expected to be the career of the future because having knowledge of different careers allows coupling a variety of branches, for example, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, to make this combination of innovative and technological projects. At present we realize that with the passage of time there was an interaction of different technological branches, thus originating a new application.

One of the main opportunities in the industry for the mechatronic engineer is the manufacture and automation of robots. Robots are autonomous where we can refer to a robot as a virtual entity or artificial mechanics, this is generally an electromechanical system that is normally carried performed or manipulated by means of a computer program and/or an electrical or electronic circuit.